It’s my first session, what should I do? 

For you first visit, arrive 10-15 minutes early so you can complete a health history form and have time to get familiar with the treatment space and your therapist. If this is not your first visit, arrive 5 minutes early to discuss any changes in your health and your goals for this session.

Do I need to undress for my massage? 

How much or how little clothing you wear is your choice. You undress to your level of comfort. Your therapist will leave the room to allow you privacy to disrobe if you chose, and will re-enter when you are covered by the linens provided. If you would feel more comfortable with clothes, try to wear material that will be easy for your therapist to work through.

If I undress, will I be exposed during the massage? 

Proper draping will be maintained throughout your session to make sure you are comfortable and warm. Only the areas being worked on at that moment will be exposed.

What if I don’t want a specific area of my body massaged? 

That’s okay. Only the areas you want worked will be massaged. Your therapist will discuss you specific needs and goals prior to each session.

What if I tell my therapist I want an area worked, but change my mind during the session? 

That’s okay too. It’s your session and if at any point you become uncomfortable or feel like you need more or less work on a specific area, you should tell your therapist right away.

Am I supposed to talk during my massage? 

The only thing you are required to do is let your therapist know if something becomes uncomfortable. Beyond that it’s up to you. You can talk if you would like, or let yourself drift away to the sound of the music. Your therapist will listen if you want to talk, but is also listening to what your body is saying and therefore will keep the conversation minimal and related to the session. Sometimes, an emotional release can occur during a massage. Should this happen, your therapist can listen, offer tissues, and if you would like even end the session. You are in a safe and caring place.

Will the massage hurt? 

If your goal is relaxation a classic style, commonly known as Swedish Massage, should not hurt. The movements are designed to do just that, relax. If your goal is relief of muscle tension or to treat pain, the massage may not have the same relaxing effect, but your comfort is always a priority. Your therapist will discuss the treatment plan with you prior to the start of the massage and will check will you during to make sure the work is within comfort level. Each session is customized to make sure you are getting what you need from it.

What should I do after my massage? 

Make sure you drink plenty of water and avoid any strenuous activity.

Is my therapist going to talk to other people about me? 

All discussion between a client and massage therapist is confidential. The only time information would be shared is if the client has signed a release of information form authorizing the therapist to do so.

Should I tip my therapist? 

Gratuities are not required, but they are always appreciated.

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